Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness will slowly emerge out of darkness or, if you prefer, shadow. The premiere of the series gets closer and closer, the promotional campaign begins.

Trailer Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness

Recently, Netflix has become very interested in well-known brands of gamers, including Resident Evil. We were dealing with a Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness commercial in September of last year. For a moment it looked like a movie, but soon it became clear that we’d be getting the show after all. From the start, it was definitely all about animation.

The new trailer reminds us of it more vividly, at the same time that the release date has been revealed. Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness arrives on Netflix in July. The series will focus on the fate of Claire Redfield and Leon S Kennedy, as it is these characters who appear in the trailer provided, which also unlocks the secret of the plot. As promised, it would be an eye-catching production Filled with tension and action, of course, in an atmosphere of horror. It looks good, it may not end with promises.

The world of Resident Evil is growing rapidly

Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness isn’t the only show created for fans of this dark universe. Netflix itself has more plans for it, and work is also underway on the Resident Evil acting series.

Additionally, Capcom is also doing its job, which will soon be delivered to Resident Evil Village players. Those who have not decided whether to purchase a new game should like the latest ads, because a beta version has been promised, thanks to which you will be able to look at parts of the game. And if that wasn’t enough for someone, Resident Evil 4 VR has also been created, which is something for VR fans.

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Source: Netflix Poland

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