The recording with translation into Polish was provided by the Twitter profile of Biełsat TV. “Russian propaganda is probably running out of ideas, because it looked like that,” Belsat wrote.

In a recording originally broadcast by the Russian propaganda channel Sputnik, Vladimir Putin convinced construction workers at the New Space Agency headquarters in Moscow that Russia would continue to expand. I hope and even I am sure that this is not our last construction work, then you will have a job too said the president of Russia. He then thanked the staff and wished them all the best.

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After a while, someone turned to Putin:we are with you! We support our children! Finally, someone exclaimed, ‘Hurrah! Others pick it up slowly. Putin responded by saying that ‘the boys need your support’ and ‘they will hear it.’

Two things caught the attention of observers. The assembled workers stand apart from the Russian president, which is likely linked to his fears of contracting the coronavirus. Some observers on social media indicated that the politician was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

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Vladimir Putin during a visit to the construction site of the headquarters of the Space Agency in Moscow

Propaganda programs from Russia are broadcast “live”, but are prerecorded

The inscription in the video indicates that Vladimir Putin visited the construction site on Monday, February 28. However, it is not certain where the dictator was located. The German newspaper “Bild” reported on Monday that He left the capital and hid in a bunker in the Urals.

Recently, the media reported that the emergency meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, which was broadcast live, was previously recorded and edited by government officials. A Kremlin spokesman acknowledged this.

Doubts were also raised about the video clip in which Vladimir Putin announced the attack on Ukraine. “Novaya Gazeta” and the conflict intelligence team stated that it was recorded three days before its broadcast, and “Ukrainian Truth” quoted their reports.

Source: Biełsat, Onet, Bild, TOK FM

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