– The largest cargo plane in the world was needed to bring the next batch of personal protective equipment, in order to best protect our medical services. Many countries applied for such a transport, and about 80 tons of equipment arrived. The Chinese authorities have been contacted to ensure that these shipments arrive as quickly as possible. I would like to thank President Andrzej Duda for the conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which opened the way for communication – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who participated in the welcome, said An-225 Mrija at Okęcie Airport in Warsaw. The transport arrived in Poland on April 14, 2020. It was the only visit that Mrija made to Warsaw in history. The giant was later seen at Rzeszow Airport.

Unfortunately, no more will be seen in Poland or anywhere else. Yesterday, the worst information about the plane was confirmed. The plane was destroyed during the bombing. “It was the largest aircraft in the world, the An-225 Mrija, or ‘dream’ in Ukrainian. Russia can destroy our Miria, but they will never end our dream of a strong, free and democratic European state. We will win!” – he wrote.

The US Embassy says goodbye to Maria

Today the US Embassy in Kyiv published an influential post on Twitter. “We will never forget Mrija, who shipped tons of vital medical equipment to the US in Spring 2020 as COVID-19 cases soar.” The dream will never die Glory to Ukraine! “ – We read on the official Twitter account of the US Embassy in Kyiv.

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An-225 Mriya. The only such plane in the world

The cargo ship, which made its first flight in 1988, was created to carry the space shuttle Buran, the Soviet equivalent of space shuttles. However, the Buran program, which was part of the Star Wars with the United States, never came to fruition, and none of the vehicles manufactured in Kazakhstan ever launched into space. However, the only An-225 “Mrija” was created, which was converted so that it could carry out transport flights. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it found its way into Ukraine Airlines and was used commercially. It also appeared in Poland several times. It has always aroused great interest among aviation enthusiasts.