Daria Navalna, the daughter of a jailed Russian opposition activist, said on Tuesday that efforts by Russian authorities to silence critics like Alexei Navalny would not succeed. But she expressed concern about the rapid collapse of democracy in her country. – She added – We, the citizens, will decide who will rule our country and for how long.

While in the United States, Daria Navalna publicly appeared at a virtual human rights summit organized by the Geneva-based NGO UN Watch, at which her father was awarded the “Moral Courage” award. – All these years I have shown the people in power who shamelessly exploit this power that it will not work, and that we are the majority – she said.

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– We citizens will decide who will rule our country and for how long – added Daria Navalna. The 20-year-old daughter of a Russian opposition activist, in her English speech, described herself as “a proud daughter and a Russian citizen, worried about the rapid collapse of democracy in her country.”

Daria Navalna appeared in public at the Virtual Human Rights SummitReuters

Navalny’s daughter talks about the situation of opponents in Russia and Belarus

Among other things, she spoke of feeling fear and helplessness in her childhood when the police broke into her home, and how she supported her father last year when he was recovering from a novice poisoning.

The daughter of a Russian opposition activist admitted that her father wrote to her from prison asking her to publish the status of other dissidents in Russia and Belarus. – Most of them are much worse than me because they are not famous or famous. But they should know that they are not alone or forgotten, said Navalna, quoting her father.

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