New York times I reported Tuesday that Giuliani is seeking a preemptive pardon from Trump. The newspaper cites two unnamed people with knowledge of the discussion.

The anonymous sources said it was not clear who came up with the matter first, and it was not immediately clear whether Mr Trump would follow up on the request.

There were no immediate details of the crimes for which Mr. Giuliani allegedly wanted a pardon. Federal prosecutors were investigating him last summer over his involvement in trade dealings in Ukraine that ultimately led to Trump being held accountable.

Mr. Giuliani’s lawyer told the newspaper in a statement that he was “not interested in this investigation, because he did not commit any mistake and this has been our position since the first day.”

The president can grant amnesty for a crime that has not yet been charged or convicted, although it doesn’t happen often.

The most famous example of a blanket pardon before indictment occurred when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after the latter resigned.

George Washington also pardoned the conspirators behind the Whiskey Rebellion to prevent them from being tried for treason.