They needed to see him. To win a medal in Tokyo it was necessary to gain experience in other crews, and even represent another country, a new perspective on some matters. Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar-Hill celebrated the biggest success of their careers in Tokyo, winning silver in the 470 class, which ultimately won’t be their farewell.

Meditation help

There were many medal chances in Tokyo, but no one was as good at driving most Olympic regattas as the women’s crew in the 470th class. When they got into the crucial medal race, they didn’t have enough advantage over their competitors to be sure. Platform. Going to the Olympic tank in Enoshima, we had to calm down. Especially since four days ago, their RS:X teammate, Piotr Myszka, lost the medal due to disqualification, which hit them hard. Agnieszka even made use of meditating on her way from the village, especially as she arrived at the port a few hours before the start of the race. In the end, thanks to the right tactical decisions and exciting fighting, the silver medal was torn in the last meters, and the podium was taken by Olympic champions from Great Britain – Hannah Mills and Eliade McIntyre as well as the bronze medalists and their contending partners. In front of Tokyo – French Camille Lecontre and Alois Ritternaz, who were exploited by the weaker sides of the Polish woman.

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This can’t end

The Tokyo Olympics was the second I set off from Ogar Hill as a crew, as they finished 12th in the London competition. Later, the Skrzypulec crew member was Irmina Mrózek Gliszczynska, with whom she won the title of world champion, and Ogar-Hill represented Austria during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2017, they’ve teamed up one more time, and their friendship helps them succeed on the water as well. – In sports, as in life, when you face problems together, it is much easier – says Golanta. These difficulties are mainly represented by the shoulder injury that Agnieszka suffered last summer or her hand inflammation that appeared two months before the Olympics.

When the violinist recovers, they begin training and campaigning for Paris. They already know each other very well, and now they are going to learn a new boat in the 49erFX class. Despite the changes to the Olympic programme, the most natural way is to stay in the 470 class, but break away from the mixes. – We are very attached to each other and know how much time it takes to build a crew, to get along well with the other person – says Agnieszka.


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We did our duty

We always told ourselves that second is always better than third and bronze is better than fourth. We wanted to start the medal race in Tokyo with a good homework. Therefore, with various trials, including the elimination of Piotr Myszka in the RS:X class, we have considered all possible scenarios for this latest race. Together with psychologist Daria Abramovich, we analyze the strategies that opponents can adopt. We came to conclusions from the day Agnieszka and Jola were 15th in the two-time qualifying race. At the time, there was no certainty, either for them or for me, in giving them some direction. The girls eventually did well on the course with the shock, using the big waves and trying to stop any of them from escaping, as it was an opportunity to gain an advantage over their competitors. Gula’s strength lay in self-confidence, courage and athletic impudence. Both used their experience from previous games. In addition, Agnieszka is an engineer, a careful mind that can calculate very well. In the battle for the medal in Tokyo, the French, who had been our sparring partners for the past two years, were defeated. They finished most of the competition higher than our crew, but we were also aware of our strengths. Perhaps only subconsciously did we not fully show it to subsequent competitors. I have now been nominated for the position of 49erFX Team Coach, so after the change of class I will continue my collaboration with the Skrzypulec and Ogar-Hill crew.

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