The Italian services seized a private mansion and apartment complex owned by Dmitriy and Nikita Mazepin. Its value is estimated at around $114 million. This is another blow to the former Formula 1 driver and his father.

Łukasz Kuczera

Vladimir Putin (left) and Dmitriy Mazepin

Press material / / In the photo: Vladimir Putin (left) and Dmitriy Mazbin

A few weeks ago, Dmitrigue and Nikita Mazepin were covered by the sanctions imposed by the European Union, Great Britain and the European Union. In the Official Journal of the European Union, the decision was explained by the fact that the Russian oligarch and his son benefit from cooperation with Vladimir Putin, clearly supporting the Russian president and thus contributing to the preservation of the regime that attacked Ukraine.

Once the sanctions were announced, some of Mazepin’s assets were frozen, forcing the Russian billionaire, among others, to acquire a portion of Uralchem’s shares and sell the Hitech team. But this is not the end.

According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the Italian Finguard services occupied a private mansion for Mazbein and his family. The value of the multi-sector villa is estimated at 114 million US dollars. It is possible that the housing will be sold, and the money obtained in this way will go to support refugees from Ukraine.

Dimitri Mazepin entered the world of Formula 1 in 2021 as the main sponsor of Haas. The billionaire paid about $ 25-30 million for a place in the American team for his son Nikita. The young driver from Moscow, however, was the worst Formula One racer last season. He did not score a single point, and was regularly recording accidents.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused Haas to first decide to remove the Uralkala logos from its car, to end the sponsorship deal with Mazepina and terminate the 23-year-old driver’s contract.

The former Haas driver recently stated that he did not understand why he and his father were subject to Western sanctions. – I do not agree to the sanctions and the comment. I’ve said before that I will fight them, although perhaps this is not the time to do so. Nikita Mazepin said in an interview with the BBC: If you look at the whole situation, measures are now being taken to deny the entire Russian culture.

“What is happening in Ukraine is painful in many ways,” added the former Formula One driver, who did not condemn the Russian invasion of a neighboring country.

– As a human being, I want to live in a world of peace. However, I will be honest. I see great risk in every statement about Ukraine. My words won’t please everyone anyway. That’s why I don’t want to talk about it in public – said the 23-year-old.

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