From December 1, incl. New health restrictions apply in gyms and fitness clubs. There should be 15 meters for each trainee Square. The limit can be increased by vaccinated persons. We’ve checked how these regulations work at Tri-City Clubs and whether it’s easy to implement by requiring customers to show their passports.

Sports clubs in Tree City

What has changed since December 1?

As of December 1, new restrictions were introduced in connection with the pandemic, which were introduced by the Ministry of Health. For example, in gyms, 15 square meters must be provided for a person who plays sports, and these limits do not apply to vaccinated people.

However, it is left to facility managers to develop bylaws regarding how these restrictions will be implemented. We’ve checked how it works at fitness clubs and gyms in Tri-City.

Why were the new restrictions introduced?

Photo: Ministry of Health

Unidentified vaccination survey

– We examined the number of clients who were vaccinated anonymously. It turns out that more than 80 percent of the people in our club have already been vaccinated. Thus, these limits do not apply to us, because out of 10 people only 2 are unvaccinated. Our clients are not students or people over 20 years old, but people over 30, 40 and even 60 years old. These groups are often 100 percent. They have been vaccinated, he tells us Jacek Neujovsky From Good Luck Club Gdansk.
This type of data is very useful and important. At another facility, which did not have data on the number of interns, a customer provided this as a reason to resign from the subscription extension.

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“I want to know who I’m training with to judge reliably if I can feel safe,” she told us.

Individual training

Another method is used in Impulse Training Gdańsk. There, too, changes to the regulations did not affect the operation of the facility.

With us, the client trains alone in a room with the coach. The rooms are so big that we save ourselves the space and distance. Personal training sets us apart. You can say it was created for times of epidemic – confirms patrick pages From Impulse Training Gdańsk.

medical interview

If the limit is exceeded at a particular facility, you can enter after presenting a COVID passport. However, how can this be verified?

Before our first visit, Medical interview. Customers also receive a Covid questionnaire to fill out and there is a question about whether the person has a Covid passport and whether they have been vaccinated. We have everything on paper – adds Patrick Sidor.

Remember how gyms and health clubs prepared for the new wave of the epidemic

Covid passport verification impossible?

However, not everyone is proficient with Covid passport regulations. In a Tri-City gym, which, however, asks to remain anonymous, we hear that a covid passport check is impossible.

– Customers are not obligated to show this, they can refer to the GDPR and the employee’s hands are then “tied” – says the gym owner.
In such a case, when the limit of participants is exceeded, such person should not be accepted into the facility.