The major competition in women’s free exercise took place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The American woman won the gold medal and was awarded two bronze medals.

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jade curry

Getty Images/Jimmy Square/Pictured: Jade Carrey

Jade Carey proudly replaced Simone Biles at the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. In the free exercise, the US representative won the gold medal for the third time in a row. Previously, Alexandra Raisman (London 2012) and Biles (Rio de Janeiro 2016) have triumphed. Curry scored 14,366 points in the final, beating Italian Vanessa Ferrari (14,200).

Two bronze medals were awarded, because the same result was awarded to the Japanese Mai Murakami and Angelina Melnikwa of the Russian Olympic Committee (14,166 each). The difficulty factor for their exercises was the same (5900 each). Brazil’s Rebecca Andrade finished fifth (14,033) who enjoyed the gold jump on Sunday.

The remaining places in the finals were won by British twin sisters from Azerbaijan, 16-year-old Jessica Gadyrova (14,000) and Jennifer Gadyrova (13233), and Victoria Listonova of the Russian Olympic Committee (12,400). The latter, together with her friends, became the team champion in all respects in Tokyo. Great Britain won bronze medals with the Kadeer Sisters.

Curry in the free exercise is the 2017 world runner-up (Montreal). She won gold at the Pan American Championships (Lima 2018) and Ferrari at the World Championships took silver (Antwerp 2013) and bronze (2006). He also won five European Championship medals, including two golds. The Tokyo Olympics is a beautiful crowning achievement for the 30-year-old Italian’s career.

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Ferrari is the first Italian woman to win an Olympic medal in sports gymnastics. Among the men, Matteo Morandi won the last (Brown) in Drilling on Wheels (London 2012).

Thanks to Curry, only the US team can celebrate its third medal in women’s free practice. From 1952 to 2008, gymnasts from Europe, especially from the Soviet Union and Romania, always won.

Medal Ranking in Women’s Free Practice:

place Gymnast Rezultat
1. Jade Carey (USA) 14,366
2. Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) 14.200
3. Mai Murakami (Japan) 14,166
3. Angelina Melnikova (Russian Olympic Committee) 14,166

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