Vivaldi Browser is gaining more and more audience thanks to the introduction of new features – from now on in Vivaldi Browser you can use two-level tabs with websites.

Android smartphones do not suffer from the disease of lack of web browsers – Google Chrome, Samsung Internet, Opera and many other programs, including less well-known, are vying for the title of best browser. One of them is Vivaldi Browser.

Fast, private, and secure – according to the manufacturer, this is their browser they’ve been developing for years. The following parameters are visible to the naked eye in the form of new posts and updates. Now we have great news regarding Card Manager version 5.0.

Two tabs in the Vivaldi browser

Playing with cards is one of the main features that determines how easy it is to use and quickly browse websites, which is why we focus on Inserting two sims with cards – The top is the deck of cards that are displayed in the bottom bar. Its management looks very convenient:

This is missing in many browsers on Android – for example, in my opinion, Google Chrome failed to cope with user-friendly page management, constantly opening new tabs. This translates to slowdown and chaos with dozens of cards on the board.

Thanks to its feature, Vivaldi can acquire new users (including myself, and I am thinking of testing it) who will bring the company more profit and money for further development. The most important features of the browser It can be checked on the official website of the manufacturer – There are many of them.

Best Android browser? Thanks to the new update, this update is close to perfect!


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