RIA Novosti news agency writes about the case. Guernsey is part of the Channel Islands and is treated as a territory of Great Britain. Likewise, Deep Man. Both regions supported British sanctions against Russia.

“The government has expanded the list of foreign countries and territories that are participating in hostilities against Russia, Russian companies and citizens” – stated in the Kremlin statement.

The list of countries hostile to Russia is growing

The Bahamas were also affected by the list because they banned transactions with the Bank of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Finance and a number of local credit institutions. Putin’s blacklist has a hidden purpose. It’s not just about showing fingerprints on the international scene.

If a particular country or territory is included in the “enemy” list, the regulations allowing debtors on the Russian side who have foreign currency obligations to repay their debts in rubles are in effect. This debtor can be a private person, a company, or even the entire country.

Then an account is opened, in which the debt equivalent is paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia. Because of the sanctions, this is a more attractive option for Russians. The record also covers, for example, employment and the number of personnel in diplomatic missions.

The list is being expanded regularly. a few days ago As described by Wirtualna PolskaEuropean countries were entered into the register – Greece, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. The new Moscow law also limits the number of employees in each state. Thus, the maximum is 34 for Greece, 20 for Denmark and 16 for Slovakia. “Slovenia and Croatia will not be able to employ personnel in their diplomatic missions and consular offices,” the Kremlin statement said.

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