On June 29, the Caspian Sea Summit was held in Ashgabat with the participation of the presidents of Iran and Turkmenistan, AzerbaijanKazakhstan and Russia. Russian media indicated that the visit Russian President Vladimir Putin In the Turkmen capital, it was also his first foreign trip since the beginning Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24).

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A table made for Putin. The media laughs at the atmosphere of the Caspian Sea summit

The attention of Russian journalists also attracted photos of the table at which the leaders held their talks – furniture filled almost the entire space of the conference hall, and politicians were sitting at a great distance, several, or even tens of meters from each other. The Russian daily quipped that “the presidents have sat at a table for so long that every table in the Kremlin will look like a chair next to it.”Kommersant“.

another newspaper”Moskovsky Komsomolets“There is such an impressive social distance between the leaders and members of the delegation that they admitted to entering the conference room that even the table in the Kremlin, which gave rise to so many memes, began to look like just a game,” she wrote.

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“The length of the table, as usual, best reflects the warmth and confidence of the environment in which it is constantly located president Putin’s assessment “Ilya Shebelin, editor of the independent TV channel Dożd, on Twitter.

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“Turkmenistan has found a table that caters to the preferences of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin,” the Ukrainian service quipped. glavcom.ua.

The independent Belarusian channel NEXTA put together a photo from the Caspian Sea summit with a photo from the G7 summit, where Western leaders recently met in the Alps, including US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister From Great Britain Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and – from afar – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Nexta encourages readers to “find one difference”.

In the G7 photo, the politicians are sitting close to each other at a small round table and seem to be in a good mood, which contrasts sharply with the cool atmosphere prevailing at the Turkmen meeting.

The table in Turkmenistan must have appealed to Vladimir Putin, who managed to make foreign politicians sit a few meters apart when they visited the Kremlin – for example in February, during the visits of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz, about which we wrote here:

Russia.  Putin's long table is back.  This time he spoke with Chancellor Olaf SchultzPutin’s long table is back. This time the German chancellor sat next to him

At the end of April, photos of the president appeared on the Internet Russiawho, during a meeting with the head of the Russian MO, Sergei Shoigu, clung to the table (much shorter than usual). Apart from Putin, it has baffled netizens and analysts.

Vladimir Putin during a conversation with Sergei Shoigu;  April 21, 2022Vladimir Putin holds a table during a meeting with Shoigu. “stage”

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