Turkish language air forces On Saturday evening, he carried out the first attacks in the north in 17 months Syria. They covered the area he controlled Kurdish militia.

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Ten years of civil war in Syria. Millions of refugees, massive devastation, and crisis deepened by the epidemic

Turkey shot the Kurds in Syria

A Turkish fighter hit military sites of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Saida in the countryside of Ain Issa. This caused loud explosions

– Inform The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This was the first raid since the so-called Operation Peace Spring in 2019, when Ankara and its Syrian allies launched a military campaign against the SDF in northern Syria. The process of clearing the borders of the Kurdish formations stopped after two agreements that Ankara had negotiated with WashingtonThen with Moscow. As a result, Turkey has taken control of the border “safe zone” in Syria. But Ain Issa city remained in the hands of the Kurdish forces.

Turkey denounced the Istanbul Agreement. Devastated, a step back

The SDF is an alliance consisting primarily of Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian-Syrian militias, in addition to a number of smaller Armenian, Turkmen and Chechen forces.

Syria. Kurdish forces managed to destroy the Turkish troop carrier

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that there were clashes that lasted more than a day, and coincided with an airstrike.

A parallel Turkish attack was carried out on the ground for more than 24 hours. Kurdish forces managed to destroy the Turkish troop carrier

– Dr. Rami Abdel-Rahman, director of the observatory, said on Saturday in an interview with Agence France-Presse, adding that since the SDF destroyed the tank, Turkish forces have faced difficulty moving forward.

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The Turkish military forces currently control an area of ​​2000 square meters. Square kilometers north of Syria in the Afrin region, where the Kurds declared their sovereignty.