Last Friday, the US Supreme Court, after nearly 50 years, Repealed the federal abortion law. From now on, individual US states will be able to ban the termination of pregnancy in their territories. The Roe v. Wade ruling, which legalized abortion in 1973, and the 1992 Roe v. Casey ruling, which reaffirmed the right to abortion, are no longer in effect.

European leaders unhappy with US Supreme Court ruling

A critical opinion has been expressed on US Supreme Court decisions, among others British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. – This is a very important decision. I think it is a step back – explained the politician. He said in a tweet on Twitter: “Abortion is a fundamental right of all women. It must be protected.” French President Emmanuel Macron.

As PiS MEP Zbigniew Krasnodubsky reported Thursday on Twitter, next week the European Parliament will debate the US Supreme Court’s decision.


“The European Parliament does not respect the right of the US Supreme Court to interpret the US Constitution. At the next session next week, it intends to condemn its ruling again,” Krasnodubsky wrote.

“The law and the courts are respected by the majority of Parliament only when it serves its ideology,” the politician added, explaining part of the agenda, which included information about the planned debate and the decision on the US Supreme Court’s decision. .


Rafai Zemkiewicz commented: “A group of maniacs who are shaking up the European Parliament is preparing for a resolution condemning the violation of the rule of law by the US Supreme Court. In fact, the more they ridicule themselves, the better for Poland.”

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