Protesters brought a tank into homes Parliament In London to campaign against Sport club Closing down in the near future Full shutdown. You can see footage from the protest here:

Gyms across England will be forced to close from tomorrow (November 5) until December 2 as part of a new national lockdown, which aims to lower rates of Covid-19 infection across the country.

However, many people feel that gyms should remain open due to the health benefits they provide, and sports nutrition company Grenade has allowed their tank support, no less.

Former English rugby player James Haskell also joined the protest.

Explaining the reasons for the protest, Grenade said: “This is not just another ‘sector’.

“It directly supports our mental and physical health and well-being – the latter being especially important with the mental health charity detailing that it could be our” greatest test of our mental health this year. ”

“With fitness well documented for its restorative effects in reducing stress, anxiety and depression, it is imperative that people be able to exercise regularly during the winter months,” she added.

During the impending lockdown, people will still be allowed to exercise outdoors, and unlike during the previous national lockdown, they can also exercise with one person from another home.

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Johnson replied, “I have to apologize to my esteemed friend for not being able to provide a huge list of exemptions for the rules we put in place for the home.

“Because once you cancel a choice of one thing, unfortunately, the effectiveness of the entire package is at risk.

“That’s why I want everyone to work together for the next four weeks to control the R so we can open things up again in time for December.”