It has been more than a month since the end of the Brexit process, which lasted nearly a year after the United Kingdom formally left the European Union, and even more time since the referendum itself, in which the British decided to leave the European Union. Over the past year, the UK, albeit already outside the group, has remained operating on many of its principles, in terms of mutual trade or border crossing.

Work problems and new fees. Brexit affected the Poles in Great Britain

Brexit has ended, which, in the view of many European politicians, was supposed to mean only the UK’s problems. Meanwhile, Britain has already vaccinated 10 million citizens, while Poland only has about 1.6 million. Our immunization program has been largely frozen due to problems with the EU vaccine procurement program. Aside from epidemics, is being outside the European Union good for the UK? Dr. Krzysztof Winkler spoke about it on Polish Radio 24.

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Problems with a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom

A PR24 guest mentioned that when it comes to relations with the world, as well as in terms of the vaccination program, the UK is doing well. On the other hand, “when it comes to economic relations with the European Union, it can – if we talk in a very diplomatic way – differently.”

It turns out that the very short period of time between the signing of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agreement with the European Union and its implementation caused problems with filling in the documents. In addition, it now turns out in practice that these documents are very complicated, and that in order to send, for example, a fish truck, you need to fill out 71 pages of various documents and it takes longer, and additional people are needed to deal with it not much Transport, but the bureaucracy associated with it. This, unfortunately, hits both the European Union and the British side in mutual trade, Dr Krzysztof Winkler explained.

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Consul of the Republic of Poland in London: official procedures and new visas for Poles after Brexit

Problems with the Irish Protocol

The expert added that there is a problem with the so-called Irish Protocol, that is, the clause of the agreement between the European Union and Great Britain, which relates to the borders between Ireland remaining in the European Union and Northern Ireland belonging to the United Kingdom.

– It turned out that the federation was very strictly enforcing its provisions, which, unfortunately, were written in a very general and open way to interpretation. (…) The Democratic Unionist Party, the Irish Trade Union Party, and its leader, Arlene Foster, are demanding that the Irish Protocol be fully renegotiated and replaced by another agreement better suited to Northern Ireland’s local requirements – said Dr. Krzysztof Winkler

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a program: “The world is expanding.”
Lead: Pewter Wu
visitor: Dr Christoph Winkler (UW)
Issue Date: 07.02.2021
Broadcast time: 19.33

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