In May last year, China launched its first interplanetary mission. Since then, the Tianwen-1 probe has covered 465 million kilometers and approached Mars about 1.1 million kilometers. It is enough to capture a clear picture of the planet.

The first images of Mars from the Chinese

Probe into orbit Mars It will be on February 10th. Until then, it will slow down so as not to hit the surface. The image of the red planet was taken from a distance of 2.2 million km. Photos provided by the China National Space Administration. You can see important sites marked with appropriate numbers. These are:

  • Acidalia Planetia (1)
  • Chris Planetia (2),
  • Meridiani Planum (3)
  • Schiaparelli nozzle (4),
  • Vallis Marineris (5).

The Tianwen-1 probe weighs five tons, which is the result of the load it carries. Chinese They sent an orbiter, lander and rover to Mars to study the soils of the Red Planet. The probe will land on Mars at the end of April. For this purpose, the Plain of Utopia near the north pole of the planet was chosen.

The Chinese Yutu 2 rover seen in NASA photos from the moon

Chinese space program

China They have already pumped billions into their space program Dollars. The first time they sent a man Universe Back in 2003. One of their most important goals is to establish a space station in Earth orbit by 2022. Tianwen-1 is not the first time that China has tried to reach Mars. The first mission in 2011, which was carried out in cooperation with the Russians, unfortunately failed after an unsuccessful start. since then However, the Chinese managed to send two rovers to the moon.

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The Chang'e-5 probe collects samples from the moon's surface on December 2, 2020.The moon possesses valuable resources. Space Miner: We need to get it as quickly as possible