The United States will soon join a growing list of countries requiring all visitors to show a negative coronavirus test result. The new requirement will apply to foreigners as well as US citizens.

The Wall Street Journal reports on plans to introduce a new entry policy by the federal government. Most likely, starting January 26, a general obligation will be made to take a negative test, regardless of where a particular person will come from. The technical details of this commitment are not yet known, but it can be assumed that it will be established on a basis similar to the requirements already in force in this regard in other countries. The most acceptable tests are those that are no more than 72 hours old before the planned arrival.

Currently, it is not possible to come to the USA, with certain exceptions, from most European countries. The travel ban has been in effect almost since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and there is no clear possibility of when it could be eased or lifted. However, it can be expected that the introduction of new entry rules based on the necessity of testing first would be an important first step towards amending the current travel restrictions between Europe and the USA.

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