Seven supercomputer operators in China have reached the same Huawei or DJI blacklist. As part of the sanctions, US companies are prohibited from cooperating with the aforementioned entities.

The United States is losing patience with a rival power. US authorities are imposing further sanctions on Chinese entities and organizations that they believe are operating at the expense of America or human rights. According to this policy, companies like the telecom giant Huawei Or a valuable drone manufacturer DJI It is not permitted to enter into any commercial relationship with American companies. In this they cannot license the technology or sell the components to their former Chinese partners.

fiancee Black list Seven Chinese supercomputer operators added. According to the American authorities, these are used to work on the technical development of the Chinese army. staff Prohibited Americans include Shanghai High Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, Sunway Microelectronics, Tianjin Phytium Information Technology, and state-owned supercomputers in Jinan, Shenzhen, WuXi, Zhengzhou, etc.

Banning Chinese supercomputers. The United States claims to have used it to develop weapons of mass destruction.

As confirmed by Gina Raymondo, the US Secretary of Commerce, all countries are using supercomputers to develop security systems, nuclear or hypersonic weapons. The Commerce Department said it would prevent US technology from being used to support China in the arms race.

Not surprisingly for Americans, even if – once again – no evidence of the accusations has been presented. Tensions between China and the United States have always been compared to the situation in the last century, when NATO and the Warsaw Pact were forever on the brink of war. I hope the tension ends this time as well – and it may not last for many years like Cold War I.

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