Perhaps no one has suffered more than the allegations of the 2006 “bought” fairy tale.

It hurts to see how mentally and physically deteriorated Beckenbauer was. We have witnessed the destruction of a hero. The question was did he cheat, did he move millions?

Now the district court in Frankfurt has suspended the proceedings for the summer fairy tale. No one was judged, no one was judged. A summer fairy tale can be a summer fairy tale again.

Anyone who was there in 2006 will never forget it. At that time there was a change of mood in Germany. Patriotism was present, German flags fluttered on cars. The Germans played easy, non-ideologically, and combatively. Abroad we saw an optimistic country.

The poison of doubt seeps into our beautiful feelings. Summer fairy tale purchased. Beckenbauer is perishable.

The Frankfurt Regional Court has now closed all files. The 2006 World Cup proceedings have ended.

Let us turn our attention to Franz Beckenbauer. You rarely see it anymore. He became thin, as if gone, forgotten.

We don’t have so many heroes in Germany that we can forget them.


Sincerely yours, Franz Josef Wagner

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