As reported by TVI on Monday, it turns out that the founder of the bottle was Christian is 17 years old from Roses on the Azorean island of São Jorge.

Inside the bottle, a teenage Portuguese man found a message sent by him Sheena Smitha, in which the sender left an email contact and described the circumstances of the bottle being dumped in the Atlantic Ocean.

– Sean wrote, who not only expected that the bottle would be over 4.8 thousand. km , but he also abandoned the mailbox to which comments from a potential message finder were supposed to reach.

After several unsuccessful emails to the address provided by Sean, the family of the Portuguese researcher was posted on a social network A message with a picture of the bottle and a message discovered inside.

Finally, after more than two weeks of searching among Internet users in Vermont I managed to get to the sender of the bottle. The American teenager explained it The letter found on the Portuguese island is one of several he threw into the ocean on Thanksgiving nearly three years ago.