Sandra Kubica She has a busy Sunday behind her because she is engaged in a special campaign. She sold ice cream at Żoliborz in Warsaw, and raised money for Kubo and his family. The Bombonic Camera was on site. The model had to face uncomfortable questions about the relationship Joanna Obozda I Antik Krulikowski.

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What does Sandra Kubicka spend the most money on?

Sandra Kubica about the reunion of Obuzda and Krulikowski. She has bad experiences the same. “I heard she calmed down.”

Joanna Obozda and Sandra Kubica, to put it mildly, have no love for each other (look at him: Joanna Obozda accuses Sandra Kubica of abandoning her dog. “I heard this dog is no longer around.” The neural model answered). And although a lot of time has passed since the scandal, the stars did not have time to open themselves on Instagram. But Sandra knows what happens at The Friend. What does she think of the actress’s meeting with Antik Krulikovsky?

I’ve had some big breakup attempts too and don’t know if it’s any good. There is no rule that it works or not. If people love each other, it’s great that they fight for it. I like Antic a lot, he’s a nice person, I was annoyed with Asia but that shouldn’t affect my opinion whether they are compatible or not. I heard that Asia has changed, that it has calmed down, that it is warmer. Visually, they fit together perfectly.

Sandra worm However, he believes that walking in the same river twice does not work.

In my case, the returns were poor. When you break up with someone, you do it for a specific reason and some people forget it, for a while it’s a honeymoon, poets, and then the problems get worse. On the other hand, if someone leaves one person for another, how many times do you say you will forgive, you will not forgive. It is pulled with every quarrel.

Do you think that Joanna and you will succeed in forming a happy relationship? We keep our fingers crossed, of course.

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