The General Directorate of Surgery, part of the Ministry of Health, wrote in a statement that the quarantine obligation applies to “the same number” of people who have undergone the full vaccination process and those who have not yet been vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health also announced that in Portugal, a country with 10 million, more than 8 million doses of preparations against Covid-19 have already been used for vaccination, and 3.5 million people have completed the vaccination process.

According to information from the medical services, between Tuesday and Wednesday, the country experienced the largest daily increase in the number of coronavirus infections since February – 2,362 infections were recorded. Four people with COVID-19 have died in the past 24 hours

Also on Wednesday, the Portuguese government published a regulation in the Gazette of Laws that reimburses every citizen for the full cost of antigen tests performed in a month – up to four.

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