Kajko and Kokosz will receive another game, which, however, should be of particular interest to fans of the Diablo series this time. The creators are developing a collaborative hack and slash – the title targets consoles and PCs.

Recently, fans of the Kajko i Kokosz series can watch the animated series prepared for the Netflix platform (Check out our review), but this is just the beginning of a development known and appreciated by many IBs.

As a result of the merger of ImMortal and the foreign company Kiko Cat, the Polish company Starving Pixels was created, which will deal with the creation of chips Kajko i Kokosz – Na – a collaborative production aimed at consoles and personal computers.

The creators focus on “cooperative hack n “slash” multiplayer, and the gameplay itself should be based on the “paper” RPG system. The studio also wants to involve fans in the development of the project – the studio’s website will include information about script collaborations, the choice of main bosses, side quests, and NPCs.

Kajko i Kokosz – Slices is a working title, but details for the game should come out at the end of 2021 – at which time the demo will appear on Steam. First of all, we have one screen to accept – it looks very nice.

Source: https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/kajko-i-kokosz-gra-playstation-xbox-jak-pobrac