US President Joe Biden has warned that the fire danger in the western United States is now the greatest in history, and that the situation is getting worse due to climate change. The president admitted that the country has a lot to do in order to prepare for such phenomena.

During the meeting with the authorities of Western countries, the President of the USA drew particular attention to the past neglect and underfunding of fire prevention and response activities in this country.

Now, we need to act fast. We were late in this game (…) We have to catch up Biden was saying.

I know things are getting worse. Climate change and associated drought and record heat mean the risk of fire is greater than ever. We remember scenes from last summer: orange skies resembling the end of the world, billions of dollars in losses, families forced to abandon their possessions. Biden remembers.

For me, as a daughter in California, this is a personal matter said Vice President Kamala Harris. The politician also admitted that her brother-in-law is a California firefighter, and last year she was forced to evict her home in Los Angeles.

The immediate reason for the meeting between the president and the governors was the United States in the West A record heat wave caused unprecedented temperatures – up to 50 degrees.

Has anyone imagined turning on the TV and seeing that Portland is 116 degrees (Fahrenheit, or 46.7 degrees Celsius)? But don’t worry, global warming is just a figment of your imagination
The president laughed.

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The leader of the United States pointed out that Already this year the number of large fires exceeded last year, although there are still months until the end of the fire season.

Among the changes announced by the president is an increase in the salaries of firefighters as well Increase the federal budget for fire management by $30 billion. Biden admitted he was shocked to learn that some firefighters earn $13 an hour. He added that the announced increase to $ 15. This is not enough.

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