Pope Francis called on Sunday to avoid escalating tensions in Ukraine. Addressing the faithful during the noon prayer meeting, Regina Coeli called for signs of peace and reconciliation and for the fate of the civilian population to be at the core.

The Pope stood in front of the window of the Apostolic Palace and said to the believers gathered in Saint Peter’s Square: I follow with concern events in some regions of eastern Ukraine, where ceasefire violations have multiplied in recent months. I note with concern the intensification of military activity.

I express my strong desire to avoid any increase in tension and, on the contrary, to make gestures capable of strengthening mutual trust and promoting reconciliation and peace, which is so much needed and desirable. Francis announced.

Then he added: You must be respected at the core of the grave human situation in which this nation found itself, in which I express my closeness, and for which I ask you to invite you.

The Pope prayed with the faithful for Ukraine.

He also referred to the beatification of six Cistercians on Saturday in the Casamari Monastery in the Italian region of Lazio, who were killed by French soldiers at the end of the eighteenth century.

Francis explained: In 1799, when French soldiers plundered churches and monasteries as they retreated from Naples, these gentle disciples of Christ resisted with heroic courage, to the point of their bloodshed, and defended the Eucharist from profanation.

May their example motivate us to exert more effort to be loyal to God and to change society and make it more just and fraternal. – added.

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In his considerations before prayer, the Pope said that “being a Christian does not mean first of all a doctrine or a moral ideal,” but rather a living relationship with Jesus.

Believers, including Poles, greeted Francesc, who recited a prayer for the first time in a month at the palace window, and admitted he had very little contact with the people in the square. BThanks we can meet again in this square – He added, referring to easing restrictions.

Let me tell you something, I miss a square when I have to pray in the library Francis said.

Tension between Ukraine and Russia. British ships will be diverted to the Black Sea