The weather does not spoil us even though the calendar is April. If you missed the most important news in this winter weather, now you can make up for it. Here’s the next edition of SPT – The Week’s Personal Summary.


Cyberpunk 2077 will be fixed. I am happy with CD Projekt’s approach, which will fix its main game. All in all, you shouldn’t be surprised. Currently, it is the only current venture of the company (that we know of) that is making big profits in the long run. The games from the Witcher series are not profitable anymore, since the premiere took place a few years ago. If Cyberpunk 2077 is truly repaired and expanded, it has a chance of making profits that the company has yet to achieve in any fiscal year. These, in turn, will be “included” in the following titles that can be expected within a few years.

Sopot fighting with parcel machines? What happens to parcel machines in cities is a mess. Unusual “city furniture” is equipped, thanks to which we can collect parcels, anywhere. This does not positively affect the appearance of the urban space. Soon there will be a situation where these devices will be found on almost every street (maybe a little exaggeration). Therefore, I am not surprised by the Sopot authorities who have removed the illegally installed parcel lockers. Residents also did not like the location of the equipment, due to the questionable visual qualities, as well as the difficulty in accessing the property.

Notch will disappear from iPhones. The notch in iPhones isn’t a mindless invention of a crazy world, but a place where there are 3D face-scanning sensors. Apparently this year, it will be reduced slightly, and in 2023 Apple will eliminate it completely. How is this possible? Well, the technology of the cameras at the bottom of the screen will be developed so that the Face ID sensors will also be compatible with it. This ensures that the front of the device only covers the screen. I’m curious about the above, if any of the Android smartphone manufacturers finally decide to offer 3D face scanning – a technology that will stop taking up space in front of the device and be invisible to our eyes.

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Sales of gaming laptops are increasing. This does not surprise me, as I myself am a user of this equipment. Primarily gaming laptops have very good components that allow you to include many new titles. Gaming laptops can easily handle Cyberpunk 2077 or Outriders. So I am not surprised that gamers prefer such equipment over traditional desktop computers. Interestingly, customers often access screens that have a diameter of 17 “over 15”.


UFO Club the Pentagon. It is difficult to refer the news to praise or criticism in this matter, because I do not question the authenticity of the recording. Jeremy Korbel posted a video online showing objects emitting strange light. A spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense admitted that the recording was authentic. However, it is a bit frightening that we may not be alone in the universe and that strange and evolving life forms visit us regularly.