Dive attempt – Toronto’s Abby Handke threw a ball foul against United on Saturday. Ron Firth

Hanoverton – The Toronto softball team beat United Local on Saturday with a double header.

The Red Knights won the inaugural competition 7-12. Riley Kinsey won, allowing seven strikes and scoring nine goals throughout the match. Michelle Anderson had a huge bat with two pairs, one trio and four RBIs. Brianna Burruss combined one single, two couples, and three rounds. Andrea Reeves added singles, doubles and RBI.

In the second match, Toronto needed just five rounds to win 17-6. Reeves ran the distance and won, allowing seven hits and four hitting. She helped with her case in singles and doubles slamming and the Grand Prix Anderson had four other types of RBIs and three singles. Ashton Thomas produced one ground run and three for RBI. You raised Kinsey twice and doubled your hand, twice.

Stubenville sweeps the tree

STEBENVILLE – The Steubenville softball team defeated University and Poland on Saturday.

In the first match, Big Red beat the League 9-3. Lakin Blackburn ran the distance to win. She allowed three rounds of five strokes, six outings, and four strokes. On the album, it included a home run, a single, and four RBIs.

Gul King sang three times. Mary Marshall had one, double, and RBI. Adrianna Brown has also collected singles and doubles. Mia Lola grabbed the string to the rig with two pinches.

In the second match against Poland, Stubenville won 9-5, King won in the overall standings, allowed four runs worth seven hits, two walks, and scored an impressive number 13.

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Marshall had two singles and three RBIs. He met Blackburn and came home a few runs. Maggi Cucarese was also a solo. Tory Mitchell and Jia Bowman divided both RBIs evenly.


Big red sweeps across the coschocton

Coshocton – The Stubenville baseball team pulled their brooms on Saturday, and they were sweeping Cococton with two heads on Saturday.

After winning 11: 5 at the start, Fred Heatheringtons 7: 3 led Andrew Grisco’s excellent penalty kick to the referee 5-0 up front.

The Redskins led three rounds at home midway through the third round and were leading the match 1, 4-3 by four. Big Red scored three points in fifth place, adding one record in sixth place, and in seventh place it burst into four points to stop the match.

Caesen Sutton approached the Big Red nine hits with three singles and RBI. Queen McCoy and Cooper Blackburn tied in doubles and singles. They both returned home twice. Kye Fleming had one and two RBIs. Grisco helped score the main goal.

Lee Sewell looked up on the hill. The beginner scored four hits and four are well-rounded. In third place Aaron gave Ferguson. Ferguson was very effective because he was not allowed to hit in his 4/3 rounds. He scored seven hits and was knocked out in the fifth.

During the morning drink, Gresko presented a complete gem for the monument. He defined Coshocton with only two strokes, both of which are odd. Three of his fans posted and only passed one.

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Sutton stayed hot on the plate, glued to a couple, and threw some gears home. Big Red scored twice in both the first and fourth rounds. Visitors added one balance to the third.

JT Thompson released an RBI single. Sage Edwards, Ferguson, Grisco, and Zach Francis Big Red were also voted.

Steubenville is set to start three home matches on Tuesday when Edison visits Vaccaro Field. Weir High crosses the river on Wednesday and Thursday in New Philadelphia.

Brook 6, Beaver Local 5

Calcutta – Brock baseball team beat Beaver Local 6-5 on Saturday.

Alex Gizirsky won an emotional victory in the overall rating. Gizirsky, the nephew of the late coach Ron Ojic Jr., allowed two well-deserved runs with six hits, skipped a pair and hit eight. On the board, he made single, double, and two RBIs.

“I am proud of the way he handled and played so far this year,” he said. Said Artistic Director CJ Bisci. “It also made a huge splash on the plate. We pushed him into a tough sixth place with a few bugs, but he never let that happen. What we preach is having an established mindset, and it was his definition (Saturday).

“Rooney is watching him and he is very proud of his nephew, as we all are.”

Braelynn Sperringer has had two singles and is back home. Andrew Corsin produced the single and RBI. Anthony Pachinsky sang twice.

Edison 14, Wellsville 1

Richmond – The Edison baseball team needed only five rounds to beat Wellsville 14-1 on Saturday.

Cam Cooley beat on the hill. He was left running with two strokes without walking and was hit six times in four rounds. Blake Connelly and Ian McBann were singles players and Macban returned home twice. Elle Wilson also sang twice and returned home. Joy Booth picked up a pair of RBIs. Matt Parsons and Isaac Zastoddle split their two RBI singles and two songs evenly.

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Toronto 13, Youngstown East 1

The Toronto baseball team defeated Youngstown East 13-1 in five rounds on Saturday.

Chris Parker started the first two frames while Avery Wiegand threw the third frame. Both are in combination so as not to run without strokes, slopes and six strokes. Blake Close finished the last two rounds by hitting two rounds and allowing one hit.

Forwards, Dom Boucher took four home runs and doubled. Brant Reeves had one and two RBIs, and Evan Walter drove the couple home too. Ryan Mathias added duo and RBI.

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