Politicians of the Socialist Socialist Party and the left received, without conviction and with skepticism, the reports that have emerged in recent days about the possible return of Donald Tusk to the Polish political scene. “I don’t see any space for him,” PSL-KP MP Krzysztof Paszyk told PAP.

In contrast, according to Krzysztof Jawkowski (left), Tusk’s re-engagement in domestic politics would further polarize Polish politics.

Several days ago, the media reported that a specific plan for Donald Tusk’s return to the domestic political scene was being considered. Tusk did not deny these reports. When asked about returning to Polish politics on Friday on TVN24, he said he was “ready to make any decision” mentally, emotionally and in life “to help reverse the course of events very dangerous for Poland.” He added that it was not about realizing any personal ambition, but With the aim of restoring democratic order in Poland.

Commenting on these reports, Representative Krzysztof Paszek said in an interview with PAP that he sees no place for Donald Tusk in the Polish political scene. “I don’t really see a space where Donald Tusk is actively involved in domestic politics. Yes, there is room for his careful comments and observations, but I don’t see much room for his active role as a leader” – noted the MP.

In his opinion, Jaroslav Kaczynski and the potential PiS leadership expect Tusk’s possible return to domestic politics. “Then it will be easier for PiS to pursue politics. They can return to the defeated policy lines: Tusk-Katczynski” – noted Pazik.

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“Donald Tusk sees no place for himself as an effective leader,” he added. Rep. Pazik emphasized that “his party, from which he left to play the European role, has a president whose term is still in progress. The debate over coalitions with Donald Tusk is a political fantasy.”

In an interview with PAP, the president of the Left Club noted that the former Labor leader “did not leave Polish politics in great glory”. “Today, the return of Donald Tusk will not be easy either, because it will further polarize the Polish political scene and unite the division into + those from Kaczyński + and + from Tusk +” – said Gawkowski.

As he pointed out, Polish politics needs fresh air, and Donald Tusk can bring “more thick air” to it. “I am not very optimistic about Tusk announcing his return, and at the same time I do not understand those in the pulpit who think he can be her savior. In politics, you need to look for new leaders, not go back to the old, because when someone enters the old river For the second time, one may find that defeat is closer than victory, ”- emphasized the deputy.

When asked what he thought could help the mailbox, Gawkowski replied that, contrary to appearances, he was supporting Borys Budka so he could “move the civilian platform to the right”. In his opinion, the “important forum” is a good partner for the left and other opposition parties, as well as “an opportunity to have a positive conversation about how to wrest power from the PiS”.

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According to the politician of the left, the most important thing for a buy order today is having a strong programming basis. “It is clearly missing and I think that this is what Boris Budka should focus his attention on today, so that the program is clear, so that the pulpit does not stand apart from many issues, as is the case until now” – he emphasized.