Last Saturday, the newly renovated KS Pogoń wrestling hall in Ruda Śląska was officially opened. The old dilapidated room was turned into a new professionally arranged space, which would become a place for development, especially for the youngest residents of the city. The renovation makes it possible to achieve the legal objectives of the Zapasy Sportem All Dzieci Foundation, located in the renovated hall.

General renovation completed

We mentioned the KS Pogoń Wrestling Hall renovation some time ago. Jerzy Sikora, President of the Zapasy Sportem Dzieci Dzieci Foundation, stresses that the renovation of the hall was a necessity.

Until recently, an ancient innate creature frightened people. Parents did not want to bring their children to such a place for training. We decided to renovate it because we want the hall to regain its former glory. We want to rebuild our wrestling department, and that wouldn’t be possible in that old hall. – The head of the institution confirms.

The staff of the institution renovated the hall themselves, as they did not have the funds to hire a professional renovation team. Supporters of KS Pogoń were also helpful and helpful during the renovation work.

This is what the hall looked like some time ago.

The official opening of the renovated hall took place on Saturday, April 2nd. The ceremony was attended by Vice President of Ruda Ślączyk, Michał Pierończyk.

Children’s shelter

The renovated hall is the seat of the Zapasy Sportem All Dzieci FoundationFounded by Jerzy Sikora. The president assures that the updated space will finally allow the legal objectives of the association to be achieved.

The All-Children Sports Wrestling Foundation was established to promote sport and physical culture and support their development, with a special focus on the beautiful Olympic discipline of wrestling. First of all, we want to continue and grow a long-standing tradition of wrestling in Roda Alesca, supporting young athletes, especially those from families with difficult financial situations. Our vision is also to create a multidisciplinary, multi-generational place for physical activity for the local community. – We read on the social media of the founder of the institution.

Jersey Sikora wants the new hall to be open to children from poor families. He would like the club’s slum kids to train for free so that they can develop under the watchful eye of experienced coaches. Hall for Local Community Service – Apart from supplies, there are also martial arts, martial arts, tabata and many more. You can watch the full show at Fan Page Foundation.

not finished yet

Although the hall has already been renovated, the entire facility still needs updating. We are talking here primarily about Sanitary facilities and toilets, which unfortunately are not in the best condition. At the moment, renovation work should be limited to the hall itself, since the financial resources of the enterprise are limited. What do you do to help renovate the facility?

– First of all, we invite you to attend the exercises. Nothing helps us more than having you in our classes. I would like to remind you that the fee for each training session is 5 zlotys for the whole month of April. We offer many activities and I am sure everyone will find something for themselves here – Jerzy Sikora says.

Take a look at the gallery and see how the wrestling hall has changed! Photos were taken by Jacek Knapik.

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