Nuremberg (Bavaria) – It is under investigation. After several tips from eyewitnesses, police in central Franconia have identified a kidnapper who was said to have sexually assaulted a woman at a soccer match at the Max Morlock stadium in Nuremberg on May 15.

The criminal police searched for the unknown perpetrator with a photo. On Wednesday afternoon, the first clues that led to the man’s quick identification were received.

It happened: He was injured on the afternoon of May 15th in the second division match between 1. FC Nuremberg and Schalke 04 at the Max Morlock Arena.

During this space storm, the victim was sexually harassed by the unknown

Photo: Photo Alliance / Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr

When the young woman ran onto the pitch at the end of the match to celebrate the rise of Schalke, she was severely sexually harassed, harassed and brutally assaulted by an unknown man.

Only after the victim started crying and a security guard came to her aid did the stranger leave her alone.

The Specialized Commission for the Criminal Police in Nuremberg investigated the case.

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