Sunday morning About 850 trucks I stood in line Crossing the border between Latvia and Russia Terehova – Agency reported, referring to State Income Service. is expected Waiting time On the border at this point over the course of six days.

above 400 trucks He is also waiting for a trip to Russia At the Grinova crossing. There, the waiting period is also up to six days.

Irina Golubeva, representative of services operating at the Terehova border crossing, noted that despite the fact that the transitional period for most sanctioned goods has already ended and that transport companies They should know that they cannot bring certain goods into Russia, there are still attempts to transport such goods across the border.

– Daily as part of the merchandise inspection 14-15 attempts to circumvent sanctions in both directions were detected – I confirmed. The discovered goods are for example Wood, paints, furniture, alcohol and various luxury goods.

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