The Kazimierz Wielki University Association in Bydgoszcz and the Edurewolucje company will build an exora-mechanical robot, which will be used for rehabilitation. The project received a grant of approximately 2.4 million PLN from the National Center for Research and Development.

“The first part of the project involves building a mechanical rehabilitation robot. The second is to develop specialized programs that adapt the type of support and strength to the current needs and the patient rehabilitation program, which will allow the robot to adapt to the current changes in the patient’s health” – said Thomas Zieliński, UKW spokesperson.

The speaker announced the creation of a robotic rehabilitation model that supports patients, their families and physiotherapists, including self-rehabilitation at home with remote patient support by physiotherapists. This, he added, would translate into increased availability, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in the daunting daily rehabilitation in the event of a deficit in the upper extremity function area.

The scholarship coordinator of Kazimierz Wielki University is Prof. Isabella Rogic.

The NCBR ‘Things for People’ competition assumes funding for industrial research, development, and pre-implementation work by research units, foundations, and associations of these entities.

The Consortium of the Institute of Computer Science and the College of Mechatronics in the UKW and Edurewolucje Company received a grant for the project “Development of a functional hand exoskeleton for active training and rehabilitation”. It is worth 2.96 million PLN, of which the National Research and Development Center is 2.35 million PLN. (PAP)

Author: Jerzy Rouse

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