19 Days NRW Crane Craze! |

Why is no one picking it up?

Monster – As the city disposed of its trash, Nicholas T. (58) really to the surface. He’s been sitting there for 19 days – and he’s refusing to get off.

With a backpack full of provisions, the garbage collector secretly climbed onto the hoist of a massive piece of construction equipment from Wohn- & Stadtbau GmbH in Münster (NRW) on July 25. Reason: Two municipal employees collected and disposed of shopping carts full of rubbish.

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Photo: Ralph Meyer Bild

Since then, nothing has worked in the vicinity of the crane: the construction site, on which 57 multigenerational apartments will be built, is closed. Costs of €25,000 are incurred per day. A major road had to be closed.

It’s not the first time the 58-year-old has caused a mess. The psychopath has been making his neighbors’ lives hell since 2015. At that time he inherited a terraced house and turned the garden and building into a landfill. “At night he rides and collects his bike. He stores his booty,” one resident told Bild newspaper. After complaints (eg about mice and the bad smell) the property was forcibly evicted.

smashed Nicholas T.  Window in the driver's cabin and has been there most of the time since

smashed Nicholas T. Window in the driver’s cabin and has been there most of the time since

Photo: Ralph Meyer Bild

19 days non-stop! Why does no one take him out of the crane?

Because it is a private property, the police are not responsible, but the Regulatory Office in Münster is responsible. Our job is to avoid danger. We must prevent citizens from being at risk. “That’s why we’ve cordoned off the area and set up a security service,” city spokesman Mark Jeshonke, 47, told Bild. “Forced evacuation by firefighters rescuers is out of the question at the moment because it would be extremely dangerous.”

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Therefore, Nicholas T. Sitting on the crane for nearly three weeks, he wanders and demands his “treasures” back. Discussions with those responsible for the Regulatory Bureau have not yet succeeded.