Magdalena Froche and Beatriz Haddad Maya continue to play at the 2022 Grand Slam Wimbledon Championships in doubles. The Polish and Brazilian women engage in an exciting battle with Slovakian Viktoria Kozmova and Dutch Arantexa Ross.

Łukasz Iwanek

Magdalena Froch

PAP / EPA / NEIL HALL / Pictured: Magdalena Fręch

Magdalena Fręch is putting in an impressive performance on two fronts at Wimbledon 2022. She has already won two matches in singles and doubles. In doubles, her partner is Beatrice Haddad Maya. The Pole and the Brazilian already had two three-group matches behind them. In the first round, they eliminated Czech Lucy Hradika and India’s sixth seed Sania Mirza. On Friday they defeated 6:4, 5:7, 6:3 Victoria Kuzmova and Arantexa Ross.

There was one break in the first set. Fresh and Blacksmith Maya 4:3 took it. In the end, they had a slight hesitation, but they did not allow their rivals to make up for the loss. In the tenth match, Bulka and the two Brazilians defended two break points, and then used the first ball.

In the opening match of the second leg, Kozmova and Ross stopped their pass after blocking three break points. Later, Frisch and Haddad recorded Maya’s attack. They were driving 4: 2, then 5: 3. The finish was very exciting. The Polish and the Brazilian missed the match ball and lost four consecutive matches.

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Frosch and Haddad Maya started his third set with a knockout. They quietly maintained their supremacy, but in the end did not avoid trouble again. However, they did not allow another twist in the plot. In the eighth inning, they eliminated two break points, and in the ninth inning they took the passes of their opponents again. Throughout the match, Haddad Maya put in an outstanding performance in the net. The Brazilian just wrapped up the promotion with an aerial shot.

In the two-hour match, Froch and Haddad Maya sent seven aces and scored 45 out of 58 on the first pass. They saved five of seven break points and took four of their eight break points. The Poles and the Brazilians won ten more balls than their opponents (97-87).

In the quarter-finals, Frosch and Haddad will face American Nicole Melishar Martinez, Australian Ellen Perez (No. 10), Italian Elisabetta Cocciareto and Bulgarian Victoria Tomoa.

ChampionshipsWimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam grass field total prize money 40.3 million pounds
Friday 1 July

2nd round Women’s doubles:

Magdalena Frosch (Poland) / Beatrice Haddad Maya (Brazil) / Viktoria Kozmova (Slovakia) / Arantexa Ross (Netherlands) 6:4, 5:7, 6:3

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