Anita Werner Today she is one of the most beloved journalists. Leadership “facts” She has been professionally associated with TVN for years, which has ensured her recognition nationwide. However, after work, he likes to show himself from a different, more private page, all thanks to his public Instagram profile.

Anita Werner She is not afraid to apply without makeup and eagerly remembers the old days, which earned her the sympathy of netizens. Currently, the temperature is rising and the festive season begins, which the journalist decided to use now. Her Instagram account just showed a photo report from a vacation in the United States.

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Werner went on a trip to Florida with her partner Mishao KolodzicThis does not leave her step. The couple had already relaxing on local beaches, visited local attractions, went to the NBA game together and even visited Cape Canaveral, where the Kennedy Space Center is located. The journalist does not hide that it was a wonderful experience for her.

It was a cosmic day! It was also the way to space that the Americans traveled. At the Cape Canaveral Historic Site, at the Kennedy Space Center, it is clearly visible. Step by Step. (…) At the end of this day, let me say: #Wow Anita writes.

Internet users, of course, were pleased with the reporter’s report from the United States, but they also drew attention to something else. It is located around Werner character and legsWhich many would envy. It is clear that she herself considers it a source of great strength for her, because she willingly offered it during the trip. During the trip, she also abandoned her makeup, and fashionable SLR glasses appeared on her nose.

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Watch how Anita travels around the US. Are you going on a trip with her?

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You look better in makeup

Not cold, not cute, condescending, cocky, cold and veeeeery masculine.

Without diminishing the beauty of Mrs. Anita (Let each person be beautiful in his own way 😊).. Standing on tiptoes extends the edges of the Poodle Way 😜

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What do you see it for? Nothing important.

Why do all vaccine promoters go to places where there are no restrictions and passports?

I don’t like a woman. It is very asexual.

I live in Florida and she was in my shop, pretty without makeup and grandma so cute!!!

And cool …. Finally happiness written on his face.

Gentle, tall and graceful, but lightly masculine.

And I love it in the natural version…

It was assumed that TVN no longer exists, but only “honest” TVP. “Dark people will buy anything.” Nowadays manipulation of facts is the norm, I’m not with PO or PIS. I try to be objective. Even friends who support PIS say it is not possible to watch the news on number one. The mass media (including TVP, TVN, radio, press and the Internet) are used to manipulate public opinion. It is funded by interest groups. This is why each party has its own journalists. We have to think about it. No one will help us unless we help ourselves. It mainly depends on how we perform in life. Read a book called Retirement Is Not Necessary For You. Shows how to build property effectively in order to live in safety and dignity in Poland.

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It is very similar to the long Roman exile in Tuscany. 😛

I envy my feet to heaven

I went to periodic training in the CIA for the US tube

She envies Chase and chases him to Florida?

But he has a huge personality. Some have won the gene lottery

She’s a tall woman who’s supposed to have legs like Mr. Seechubek