This information is provided by the Ukrinform Agency website, citing the entry SBU On Facebook, where the Ukrainian services heard a conversation between a Russian soldier and his father.

Russian soldiers afraid to fight Ukrainian forces That is why revolutions take on a mass character, the SBU claims. In order to suppress them, “experienced tormentors” like General Rustam MuradoKnown for his cruelty during the Russian intervention in Syria. He organizes “sham trials” of soldiers, but even these actions do not fundamentally change the situation, because soldiers still refuse to serve in the hottest spots.

This is evidenced by the new phone calls that the SBU was able to intercept. In the quoted conversation with the father, the soldier said: “Murado came, and … he gave a show trial, because nobody wanted to go forward … the leaders did not want to kill their friends. The boys were not ready either … he is for example , took off his clothes, handcuffed him. They had to take everything out of his pockets, and… he handcuffed them. He threw them on buses and took them away.”

Later in the conversation, the soldier said that despite these demonstrations, the rebels were sent home anyway. Therefore, it also waits for that when it is sent “on vacation”.

Russia He cannot officially acknowledge that there are many soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine. That is why he invites them to escape on holidays,” adds SBU in the entry.