The Russian Defense Ministry said the “air target” that was observed was the US RC-135 of the US Armed Forces. The plane was to fly along the southeast coast of Kamchatka. Two MiG-31 aircraft were captured in reaction from the airport located on the peninsula.

Russian fighters escorted the RC-135 during the flight, and when they changed course, they returned to their base in Kamchatka. As a result of the accident, the borders of the Russian state were not violated.

“The Russian fighter’s flight was carried out strictly in accordance with international regulations governing the use of airspace,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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Relations on the line between Washington and Moscow tightened after the Russians began focusing their forces on the border with Ukraine. According to analysts The amount of accumulated forces does not include maneuvers. Rather, it indicates a desire to project strength and cause instability in the region.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden spoke with Vladimir Putin on the phone. The US president stressed Washington’s “firm commitment” to the sovereignty of Ukraine and expressed concern about the development of the Russian military.

The US President told Putin that “the United States will act decisively to defend its national interests in response to Russia’s actions such as cyberattacks and interference in the elections.”

Biden also offered Putin to organize Summit of the two countries. It will be held in “the coming months in a third country.” The aim of the meeting is to “discuss the full range of problems facing the United States and Russia.”

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