All weekend, the USS Kearsarge was moored in the capital of Sweden, on the main road connecting Stockholm with the Baltic Sea. population Tourists wondered whether the appearance of the American attacker was related to Sweden’s application to join NATO.

There are two reasons for this “visit”. Official participation in Exercise Boltops 2022, the annual NATO military exercises in the Baltic Sea. This year it runs until June 17 and will be attended by 14 countries, including Finland and Sweden. The unofficial reason is to send a signal to the Kremlin that “United States of America They have an eye on Sweden and Finland “- reports the portal Politico.

NATO in the TOPS 2022 exercise. “Sign of support for Finland and Sweden”

In addition to the most impressive battleship, the USS Kearsarge, another 39 units have arrived in Stockholm. The commander of the US Sixth Fleet, Vice Admiral Eugene H. Black, admitted that the participation of US forces in the exercises is a form of protection for Sweden and Finland against threats from Russia. He considered that Sweden has “one of the best naval forces in the world”.

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Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist stressed that he “sees the presence of such a strong representation of NATO countries as a sign of support for the efforts of Sweden and Finland to join the alliance.”

The Americans also deployed their forces to Jutland. 250 soldiers will conduct exercises on a strategically located island.

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In April, the largest exercise in the island’s history began in Gotland army and civil defence. Training was conducted at a shooting range, officers and soldiers also improved in the use of drones. The purpose of the exercises was to provide water, electricity, communications and ferry transportation in case of emergency. The expansion of the barracks on the island was also announced.

Polish ships in Paltops 2022

Paltops maneuvers have been conducted since 1972. This year they are associated with the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Swedish Navy and with Germany Multinational aviation group maneuvers.

14 countries are participating, including Poland, which sent ships of the 8th Coastal Defense Fleet to the Baltic Sea: the mine transport ship ORP “Toruń” and two minesweepers ORP “Wdzydze” and ORP “Drużno”. Navy officers join the crew of training units and maneuvers management.

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