There was a military coup in Myanmar (formerly Burma) in early February. The military junta seized power, and was among the first to arrest Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, whose party (the National League for Democracy – National League for Democracy) won in November. elections parliamentary. According to the army, they were forged. They announced that they would hold power for a year, after which there would be new elections. Since then, they have stayed in the country on a regular basis Protests In defense of existing democracies However, it was increasingly repressed by the army brutally.

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The coup in Myanmar. The nun wanted to give her life to the children

Dozens of people, including children, were killed during the protests. at On the bloodiest day, 38 people were killed by the army. Despite this, the residents do not give up and continue to take to the streets.

On Tuesday, March 9, the media published a video from Myitkyina, in which it can be viewed Nuns She lies on her knees in front of the soldiers of the Military Council. 45-year-old Anne Rose No Tong requested that she be shot, not the children.

I kneeled and begged them not to shoot the children and torture them. I told them to shoot me instead

– I mentioned in a conversation “Watchman“.

The soldiers fell on their knees. After a moment they opened fire again

The video shows the soldiers the nun was kneeling in front of, who also fell on their knees and wrapped their hands in prayer. You can’t hear the words in the video, but you can see that the woman was talking to them through gestures.

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Myanmar. The police opened fire on the protesters

However, that didn’t help much, according to media reports, after a moment the shooting was heard and the army was pursuing it Once And another opened fire on the demonstrators, ignoring the children.

The children ran in panic in all directions. I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was pray to God to save them

The nun said the day after this incident.

That day, in protests Free of chargeFormer Burma, two people were killed.

Protests in MyanmarProtests after the coup in Myanmar. The death toll rose