Towers, two slides, climbing sites and a spiral. The children’s playground will be expanded in the Jordanowski park with these attractions. These devices, along with the old ones, will create a new space for fun. The investment will be ready from July. Seeing perceptions.

New play equipment will appear in Park Jordanowski, including. circular

Damian Krazanovsky

The city plans to diversify outdoor vacations for young Krusno residents. Currently, in the Jordanski Park, which is the only park located in the center of Krusno, there are two playgrounds for children. One of them is located in front of the hall and the other is opposite the main entrance from ul. Grodzka and this is the one to be upgraded.

The municipality wants to add there Four new devices. The existing two hammocks and four spring tail should be disassembled and incorporated into the new design.

New attractions proposed by the city council

The devices designed in the central part of the park are located on the site of the existing stadium and constitute a recreational and sporting element that makes the undeveloped space more attractive. As part of the investment, there is no need to cut down trees and shrubs We read about the land development project.

The city council has suggested what the new hardware should look like, but their final appearance depends on the selected contractor currently being researched.

The old equipment (two swings and four horses) will be dismantled and installed with new attractions according to the prepared design.

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Damian Krazanovsky

The first is a wide range of interconnected attractions: two towers, ladders, slides, a firefighter entrance, a rope trail and rope climbing tires. The second is a tower with a tube slice. Other planned devices include: a carousel and a fitness cube, which will include: a rope suspension truss, a climbing wall, gymnastic rings, ladders, a pull rod and a climbing rope.

There are two playgrounds in Jordan Park. The person visible on the left is going to undergo a transformation (photo from 2017)

Damian Krazanovsky

The entire investment does not exceed that 130 you. PLN. Construction is scheduled to be completed Until the end of June this year.

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