Representatives of Poland won ten medals at the European Indoor Athletics Championships, which ended in Toruń. On the final day of the event, the White and Red team added one gold, two silver and four bronze medals to the three silver discs they won on Fridays and Saturdays.

Undoubtedly, the most pleasant moment for the Polish fans during the European closed championship in Toro was the final men’s 800m race, although it was close, and it would be a more magical moment, because there was a real opportunity for three Polish podiums venues. And it looked like the favorites were Adam Casczot, Matthews Burkowski, although he won in the semi-finals, he had to be nervous for a long time, because the judges tried to disqualify him. Patrick Dubick was, not so long ago, a hurdler, and today in great style, he is running in mid-runs.

Photo by Bowie Scrapa

They start off quietly – Kszczot in the middle, Dobek and Borkowski at the end. On the lap before the end, Dubeck moved with dizzying speed. Coscot ran behind, Briton Jimmy Webb was still inside, and Burkowski led his attack as well. Dubek was not captured by anyone, Burkowski was second at the finish line, and Czzczot lost the bronze medal with Webb in less than three-tenths of a second.

When I saw the result and this place it just shocked me then. I wanted to do my job well and make it as perfect as possible. It was like this and everything worked fine – said Dobek, who, interestingly, decided that the semi-finals were more difficult for him than the final.

I had a hard time running in the semi-finals, and it was better in the qualifying and final rounds. I felt confident that we trained in such a tournament. I knew today could be better than yesterday, and it really was – added.

Moments earlier, in Arena Toru, the ladies fought for medals in the 800-meter distance. It was also a great moment for the Polish team, because Joanna Jovic took second place and Angelica Sishoka took third. British Kelly Hodgkinson won.

Photo by Bowie Scrapa

It’s a great feeling to be back on the treadmill and running with the flag after being away for so long at a high level. I got back to running level at 2:00 am and have an indoor season that was crowned with a medal, so I made my dreams come true. Additionally, I am in an excellent position to prepare for the Olympic season. I know it will be beautiful – Jóźwik commented happy.

And Cichocka confirmed that it was only her first indoor European Championship with her start at the 800-meter distance.

Before that, I was running 1500 meters. I am very happy, I am very happy. I have confirmed in interviews that the best is still ahead, but I feel that this is not the best – She added.

Photo by Bowie Scrapa

Very quickly, Piotr Lisek was awarded the bronze, which needed two jumps – first scoring 5.50 on the first attempt, then 5.70. When he made his last attempt at 5.80, it was already clear the medal was guaranteed. The pole flew over the bar and remained in competition, with only Sweden’s Armand Duplantes and Frenchman Valentin LaVilline present. Neither the French nor the Poles jumped the bar at 5.85, and Duplantis first broke the European Indoor Championships record (6.05), then attempted to break the world record by setting the bar at 6.19. He failed, although it was very close to the second attempt.

I’m satisfied, this season has been tough, January is out of preparation. I put together the minimum plan, although I know everyone wants more and more. I jumped 5.80 this season and confirmed this result in the target event, so I’m happy – He said Lasik.

Pawe Wiesiołek won a bronze medal in heptathlon. The pole did well during the competition, but in the penultimate competition – pole vault – he broke his personal record by ten centimeters, and finished second with a score of 5.20. It was before the 1000-meter race that he ended up giving him about seven seconds over Estonian fourth Resto Lillimitz and about 11 seconds over great Dutchman Rick Tamm. The Dutchman started to make up for losses from the start and with each lap he increased his edge, Wiesiołek leading the second set and making sure the advantage wasn’t too great. In the end, the Dutchman won with the pole reaching the finish line in second place in under eight seconds. It was enough for Evening Primrose to have a bronze medal, with 6,133 points, which is his best. Frenchman Kevin Meyer won a big advantage.

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Photo by Bowie Scrapa

Patience pays off. I hope the other players will wait a shorter time to achieve such success, since I spent twelve years. But I finally got this medal, which is a bronze medal in the European Championships Evening Primrose, whom Piotr Lasik helped prepare, gave him one of his sticks.

Piotrick and his coach convinced me that I could jump high Evening primrose was added.

The event ended with the women’s 4 x 400m relay. During the day, it was revealed that the relay captain, Justina Schveti-Erisitic, would not be able to participate in the race, which reduced the chances of White and Red winning the gold medal. Natalia Kaksmarik, Majorsata Hoop-Kwalek, Cornelia Lisevi and Alexandra Jaworska won the bronze medal after a beautiful fight. Dutch women won the record in the European Indoor Championships.

For us, this medal is one hundred percent gold. We knew we were running weak and each of us did our best. I felt very responsible and tried to give it all I could. For me, the most important things to me were my little girls, whom I had to take care of and I think as a mother I did my best to get the medal that I wear now. – Hołub-Kowalik laughed.

Photo by Bowie Scrapa

It feels great, we gave it one hundred and fifty percent. I am proud of my team. The coach gave me an opportunity to participate in such an important event. I knew I had to do my best. I immediately attacked, it was a little short at the end, but I ran hard like my legs Lesiewicz said enthusiastically.

The Polish national team got two more chances for the medal on Sunday. In the 60-meter hurdles, Damien Sesiker ran very well, but he hit the penultimate obstacle, was beaten, and finished in sixth. Immediately after crossing the finish line, he fell on the tartan and did not wake up for long. For Czykier, who is mentioned as a medal candidate, she is a huge disappointment. The fastest was the Frenchman Wilhelm Beluchian. A moment later, hurdler Pia Skrzyszowska fought for the medal, smashing her life’s record in the semi-finals, achieving the third result in Polish athletics history. In the final she ran a little slower and finished fifth. The Dutch winner was Nadine Visser.

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In Sunday’s finals, in which the Polish national team did not participate, he won the gold medals of Switzerland Agla del Ponte (60 meters), Ukrainian Yaroslav Mahuchikh (high jump), Portuguese Patricia Mamona (triple jump), Norwegian Jakob Ingbrigtsen (3000 meters), Belarusian Maksim Nedasekau (high jump) ) And the Dutch relay race (men’s 4 x 400 meters). The Dutch won the medal table with four gold, one silver and two bronze medals. Poles with gold, five silver, and four bronze discs took ninth place. Only the British have won more medals than white and red – twelve – in Toruń.

Players who participated in Toruń for four days did not hide that the event will be remembered for a long time.

I was expecting a good organization, because we are in Poland, and if the event takes place in Poland, that means it will be perfectly organized Organizers paid tribute to Sebastian Coe, a famous athlete for years, and today the president of the World Athletics Federation, meaning the World Athletics Federation.

The Toru Indoor European Indoor Championships 2021 were jointly funded by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports, the City of Toruń and the local government of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Toruń 2021 European Futsal Championship, Sunday, Finals

a woman

60 meters
1. Ajla Del Ponte (Switzerland) 7.03
2- Lotta Kempenen (Finland) 7.22
3. Jamil Samuel (Netherlands) 7.22

800 meters
1. Kelly Hodgkinson (UK) 2: 03.88
2. Joanna Jovic (Poland) 2 04:00
3. Angelica Sechuca (Poland) 2:04:15

60 m hurdles
1. Nadine Visser (Netherlands) 7.77
2. Cynthia Sempre (UK) 7.89
3. Tiffany Porter (Great Britain) 7.92
5- Pia Skryzowska (Poland) 7.95

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Relay 4 x 400 meters
1. Holland 3:27:15
2. Great Britain 3: 28.20
3. Poland 3: 29.94

high jump
1. Yaroslav Mahuchik (Ukraine) 2.00
2- Irina Hirachenko (Ukraine) 1.98
3- Ella Gunila (Finland) 1.96

1. Patricia Mamona (Portugal) 14.53
2 – Anna Belletero (Spain) 14-52
3 – Neil Eckhart (Germany) 14.52


800 meters
1 – Patrick Dubek (Poland) 1:46: 81
2- Matthews Porkowski (Poland) 1: 46.90
3. Jimmy Webb (UK) 1: 46.95
4 – Adam Cosczot (Poland) 1:47:23

3000 meters
1. Jakob Ingbrigtsen (Norway) 7: 48.20
2. Isaac Kimeli (Belgium) 7: 49.41
3. Adel Meshaal (Spain) 7: 49.47

60 m hurdles
1- Wilhelm Beluchien (France) 7.42
2- Andy Pozzi (Great Britain) 7.43
3- Paolo Dal Molin (Italy) 7.56
6- Damian Siseker (Poland) 7.63

Relay 4 x 400 meters
1. Netherlands 3: 06.06
2. Czech Republic 3: 06.54
3. Great Britain 3: 06.70

Pole Vault
1. Armand Duplantis (Sweden) 6.05
2 Valentine LaVillini (France) 5.80
3- Piotr Lissek (Poland) 5.80

1 – Kevin Meyer (France), 6392
2 – Jorge Orena (Spain) 6158
3 – Pawie Physiuchik (Poland) 6133

high jump
1. Maxim Nidasikkau (Belarus) 2.37
2- Gianmarco Tampere (Italy) 2.35
3. Thomas Carmoy (Belgium) 2.26

1. Pedro Pablo Picardo (Portuguese) 17.30
2. Alexis Kobelo (Azerbaijan) 17.04.2007
3. Max Hess (Germany) 17.01.2020
8- Adrian Schwedersky (Poland) 16.36

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