After a short break in their protests, the “Last Generation” climate protection group announced and intensified more disruptive measures. One of them is scheduled to take place on Monday at the Stachus (Karlsplatz) in Munich at 8 am.

The police are preparing for it. Andreas Francken, a spokesman for Munich police headquarters, confirmed on Sunday that officials would not tolerate any crime. This also included blocking roads, for example by gluing activists to the road.

There is no official recording of the meeting

So far, though, the first concrete announcement of the police headquarters climate activists There is no official recording of the meeting. This is why you don’t know how many activists are expected, nor what exactly they have planned. However, the staff has been prepared in such a way that crimes can be prevented, according to police spokesman Franken.

Motorists should avoid the Stachus area on Monday morning

Police did not want to comment on how many officers will be on duty Monday morning and what tactics will be used. Police ruled out closing traffic around Stachus as a precaution ahead of climate activists’ action.

However, the Munich police advise all motorists to drive around the Stachus district on Monday morning. Because traffic delays cannot be ruled out.

The “last generation” wants to ignore the demands of the city

Last Generation announced on its Twitter channel that it will ignore the city of Munich’s requirements for the protest planned for Monday. The movement wrote that the assembly authority had misinterpreted last Friday’s announcement by the “Last Generation” that they wanted to protest “against the failure of climate policy” in Munich’s Stachus as having “misinterpreted the rally’s registration” and issued conditions. Accordingly, the authority forbade the participants to cling to the road, among other things.

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Some activists were fined

The “last generation” has repeatedly blocked roads and attacked works of art in recent months. Meanwhile it was Berlin and Munich Some activists were fined. In Bavaria, some were imprisoned as a precaution as they announced further unrest.

Among other things, the group claims a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour on motorways and a €9 all-German train ticket. More increasingly disruptive measures are announced in the coming week. “The resistance will only get stronger, and it won’t stop at Christmas or the New Year,” spokeswoman Carla Henrichs said at a news conference Friday.