After months of work, on Saturday residents officially opened the park they had created.

Just a few weeks ago, forest and litter scared the area at the intersection of Chełmońskiego and Malczewskiego Streets. There was no indication that a lively place would be established there this year, as everyone would find something for themselves. Residents of Estate No. 3 “Przy Strzelnicy” decided to change this, and in April they suggested creating a space together where neighbors could meet, sit, drink coffee, and enjoy the kids.

Work was underway in July to organize a housewarming party in Cape Verde during the summer holidays. Pallet seats and tables were replaced, and the residents took care of the plants.

This is how an organized green space was created in the immediate vicinity of the Musina Canal, which was called Cape Verde. – I was here once for a walk and near the greenery and the Mosiński Canal made this place remind me of Ras. Later, I wrote an email to the head of the estate to thank him for this initiative that revitalizes the population and ends with the phrase “See you on the green cloak.” It turned out that we liked the name and today we see each other in Cape Verde – says Michaël Stachoviak, whose proposal to name the park became the most popular among the residents.

Finally, on Saturday, residents can officially open the park they’ve created. For visitors to the cape, the creators of the park planned workshops, competitions and organized a gastronomic area.

It all began at 9 in the morning, when those wishing to go with their columns, “nature picking” organized by the foundation of the same name. The initiators of “Nature’s Harvest” later invited them to play with nature and its gifts.

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– We are creating a sensory pathway here, which would be a natural element in Cape Verde – explains Natalia Krikora of the Przyrodobranie Foundation. – There are still pictures of hammered plants being created there, and in the meantime the children are catching various insects, and the children’s favorite clay kitchen – and the dirt the better – laughs Natalia. Our establishment is designed to bring children and adults, surrounded by electronics, closer to nature. We need to communicate with nature, among others specifically for sensory development, that is, to experience through the senses. This helps the brain to develop better than looking at the screen – explains the founder of the enterprise.

Near the emerging sensory path, under two young birches, others are trying to sculpt their hand. – Learn about basic techniques related to woodcarving – a flat form of carving – explains Agnieszka Baraniuk-Lipińska, who has conducted workshops on woodcarving. Both adults and children can benefit from it. – Children imaginatively interact with such activities, they really want to work with wood. They see the impact of their work very quickly, and the smallest are like manual classes. It is enough to introduce them to this world – adds the sculptor.

Just a few steps from the workshop made of wood, many paintings of colour. The workshops are aimed at whole families, so they can play and mingle together — says Danuta Helak, who suggests how to start a drawing adventure. – I help cut or compose the picture. There is a lot of interest, especially among the younger ones, who can take their first steps in painting under the watchful eye, but ladies who already have more experience paint there as well, “ smiles Danuta.

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– In fact, these workshops allow you to immerse yourself. Tomic says there are no places in the area where you can do something together on a daily basis. – We live next door, so we already use this place, and now, when there are various events here, whenever we come here – adds the resident, accompanied by Marta: – There is an opportunity to talk with neighbors with whom something starts here, we communicate, we become neighbors Real, and we don’t pass each other on the street – flat smiles.

In the background, you can hear music from the speakers all the time, as well as guitar or drum sounds. – We have prepared lessons in rhythms, now there will be a musical test, and then a jam session – says Piotr Selke of Molldur at Mosiński. – We want to have music workshops here every week. One group will have rhythmic classes, and older groups will learn covers that will later play vocal – declares the creator of the Moldor group.

A few meters away is his Mosina Jadłdzielnia suite, which has just started with the Free Small Town Bike – DROOM for a short while. – We already have three bikes ready, but the DROOM is planned to start in September, on the occasion of the “Sztukadzielnia” festival – says Artur Nadlony. Bicycles will be available free of charge, and there will be no need to place an order. For example, if you get off at the railway station in Musina and do not want to go home on foot, and there will be a standing DROOM, you can ride, drive and simply leave it at the nearest bike rack or somewhere in the vicinity for other people to use – explains Artur.

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– I live abroad, but when I am there, I will surely come here again – Mikowaj declares. – The idea of ​​u200bu200bcreation by residents is great, but in my opinion, the authorities should also be involved here – support it even financially. On the other hand, the fact that the park was created by the residents from below, creates the character of this place. – I am glad that the inhabitants are making something for themselves. The municipality is not very present here, but it is not absolutely necessary, because the residents do not need it – they can create a wonderful place where they can be active – Michał comments.

– We are glad that so many residents came, we did not expect it to be so many – says Łukasz Grzybak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Residential Estate No. 3. – This gives us strength, we can see that this place is becoming popular, everyone feels comfortable here, resting Actively spends Saturday. This shows us that what we’ve done here actually makes sense. This motivates us to continue working in this place, we invite residents to collaborate, and make everyone feel at home here – adds Łukasz Grzybak and announces that more events will take place soon in the head.

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