The past few months have set another record for watching series on Netflix. The most-watched series included the series based on the books that made the New York Times bestseller list.

In the note published by Netflix, we learn about the products that owe their existence thanks to the book’s prototypes and how the series’ debut will affect the subsequent fate of the book in terms of sales. It turns out that the massive surge in interest in “The Witcher” wasn’t an isolated case, but one of many, and the last few Prime Ministers have confirmed it. We all remember what happened after the premiere of the series “The Queen’s Gambit”, which ceased to run for the group of the most watched series on the platform.

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Netflix hits based on books

Tens of millions of viewers made the book in the remake famous, and soon the same thing happened with Bridgetons and Lupine. The latest series based on the book, which triumphed in the Top 10 rating on Netflix is ​​”Firefly Lane”, which tells the story of two childhood friends who, after many years, are still close to each other, for good or for bad.

In the case of Bridgertons, as many as five books in the series occupied the New York Times bestseller list, and only “Firefly Lane” jumped into the same ranking a month before the show’s premiere, although it debuted in 2008. After the show was released on Netflix, it took three days to become #1 in the 13 years since it was launched in bookstores. The impact of the program’s popularity is indisputable.

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Harvest Day, the hottest Disney+ show of the year

Similar to the fate of The Queen’s Gambit, which was not on the New York Times list for 37 years from its date of publication, but three weeks after its first showing on Netflix, it has remained in the top 10 for 11 consecutive weeks. Not without affecting the popularity of the debut book “Lupin”, which broke into the top 10 rankings on Netflix, causing an increase in the book’s popularity in countries such as Italy, Spain, the United States, Great Britain and Korea.

Netflix announces $500 million investment in South Korea

And since we’re with Korea, it’s impossible not to touch on the platform’s plans for aggressive investments in local content. Over the past five years, the platform has spent up to $700 million on its products. I would have had a bigger impression if I hadn’t read first that this year alone, Netflix will invest up to $500 million in series and movies in South Korea. I intentionally gave you this information in that order. Netflix leased two studios in South Korea and created a new company responsible for all operations. The platform currently has 3.8 million users in South Korea, and from January to November 2020, it managed to increase by 64.2%.

We know when Marvel’s “Loki” will premiere. The series will be scheduled for June!

Returning to the book series, if you regularly wander between bookstores or browse the offers of online stores, you will certainly notice that at the first shows of the series, new editions of books with serial covers are often sold out. After the results you mentioned, as well as thanks to other information and observations, it can be assumed that some titles will not be in turn at all, because viewers (and not only likely) access the book only when the series is published. This is clearly a positive phenomenon, especially when the show is a success, and series statistics show that it is.

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