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The pandemic has irreversibly changed the reality of millions of people around the world, including the way we work and rest. Now home has become the center of our lives. Samsung has responded to the challenges of the new era. From the monitor, which until now was only an element of the computer, he created a device that can replace many others, and at the same time is ideal for professional duties, as well as for learning and entertainment. The Korean manufacturer has read our needs so carefully that global sales of devices from the Smart Monitor series, including the M8 model, have already exceeded one million units.

When the pandemic hit, many companies switched to remote work. It wasn’t just a necessity – a need to contain the spread of the virus. It gave the staff and their families a sense of safety in the then uncertain reality. However, over time, we began to see how unprepared we were for such a change. Homeowners are starting to struggle with the lack of large screens in their apartments for long hours of working and remote learning. We realized that smartphones, which at first seemed to save the situation, are not the long-term solution. At the same time, we often didn’t have the space to add more large screens to the room, and sometimes we didn’t want them to clutter up the space. Samsung brand designers realized that we need universal devices that perform multiple functions at the same time. They have developed the Smart Monitor Series – devices that go beyond traditional monitors and can become a hub for work, entertainment and learning.

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Smart Monitor M8: Design matters

The first thing that sets the 32-inch M8 apart is its sleek and innovative design. The simple design fits perfectly in any modern space. Ultra-thin, with a case size of only 11.4 mm, and with a flat back (the so-called flat back), it impresses with the characteristics of the slim design characteristic of the brand’s products. In order for the monitor to allow the user to find the perfect position in any situation – whether it is during work, video conference or photography – it is equipped with a HAS base, which allows you to adjust not only the height, but also the tilt angle.

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The brand’s designers deserve extra praise. The M8 is available in four pastel colors: warm white, pink, blue and green. It’s a stylish alternative to the traditional black that can be overwhelming.

M8 . Home Office

The M8 belongs to the “smart” group of monitors for a reason. The screen combines the functions of several devices that meet the needs of pervasive reality. One of them is the most comfortable work from home.

The Samsung monitor allows wireless connection to a computer, so we can use it from anywhere in the room that is most convenient for us, without thinking that we are limited by the length of the cable. M8 is a standalone workspace – it has an integrated web browser and access to the Microsoft 365 package, which allows you to work, among other things. In Word or Excel without a computer. In addition, the screen is equipped with adaptive image technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature, which significantly increases the comfort of work.

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Remote work is often associated with video conferencing – and designers have thought about that, too. You can use Google Duo to make video calls effortlessly. The SlimFit camera that comes with the M8 is another easy-to-use solution. It is wireless and can be attached to the monitor using magnets. Interestingly, it has a face tracking function and auto zoom, so that during conferences or live broadcasts on the go, it will follow us and always put us in the middle of the frame.

Entertainment Center: Smart Monitor M8 is also a TV

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8, in addition to a convenient work tool, is also an entertainment center. The device has a built-in Smart TV module, thanks to which we can use the most popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Apple TV, and VoD applications such as YouTube. With one touch, because with the M8 we get a button remote control with selected services. In addition, without a subscription fee, we have access to Samsung TV Plus and the Universal Guide, which will select content from broadcast and streaming channels based on our interests.

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what about the picture? The M8 displays it in Ultra HD quality, and the larger number of pixels enhances the detail of videos and photos. A wide range of colors (a trillion!) gives them better reproduction, and the depth is reflected in HDR 10+.

The sound is at an equally high level, and in order to provide the best entertainment, it adapts to different situations – from speech, through ambient noise, to music. And all this inside the built-in speakers.

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You are in charge here

That’s not all the M8 has to offer. Because the display has a built-in SmartThings module, the user can not only wirelessly connect all of their IoT devices, including light switches and sockets, but also control them (such as turning off the light). Interestingly, these functions are available even with the screen off, which, by the way, can also be activated by voice.

Samsung has fully understood the needs of a changing world and has proposed a device that performs well for work, making it easier, for fun – movies and series in Ultra HD quality – and for learning and smart home management. He created a smart screen for the new eras.