“Dance with Rafał Maserak” is a series of educational and entertainment programs that are not only aimed at young audiences, but also entire families and groups of friends as a great alternative to actively spending their leisure time. The dance session will be hosted by Rafael Masrak, a participant in the 22nd edition and a two-time winner of the “Dancing with the Stars” program, a global “S” dancer, known from many TV productions.

Thanks to the dancer, Ravai Masrak, who is leading the project, viewers will get acquainted with the most famous dances in the world in an unusual virtual way and expand their knowledge of distant countries, their customs and cultures. Each episode will take the audience to a different side of the world, and under the watchful eye of one of the best Polish dancers, everyone will have the opportunity to learn basic steps, dance stances and short choreography. Thanks to this solution, viewers will be able to feel like professional masters on the dance floor, at least for a moment.

The series “Dance with Rafał Maserak” is an excellent showcase for an active form of entertainment, spending time with family, and is aimed not only for enthusiasts, but also for people who want to start their dance adventure. It is also an unusual and modern way to travel together and learn about dance habits from different parts of the world.

The concept of creating an educational dance course was born during the lockdown period. People dropped out of all activities, not just dancing, so I decided to meet with them and give them the opportunity to learn to dance at home – says Rafay Misrak, creator and leader of the dance workshop series.

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Thanks to our digital capabilities, I can share my knowledge with everyone who loves to dance and, of course, access the Internet – He adds.
Episodes are prepared in a professional multimedia studio DoubleTree 360.plEquipped with ultra-modern technological solutions. As a result, it stands out greatly from the current educational and entertainment programs, and also guarantees visual experience and quality at the highest level.

The project will include a series of educational seminars in the form of short dance workshops. In addition to learning to dance, we will also learn many interesting facts about the origin and origin of the most famous dances in the world.

In Rhythm Dance, we will invite viewers to the following thematic episodes:

  1. Carnival of learning salsa! Travel to Cuba and learn salsa
  2. Rock the Clock – We discover the American history of rock and roll
  3. Dance cha-cha
  4. Bollywood – Not only the magic of Indian cinema but also dance
  5. Brazilian samba is not just for carnival!
  6. Hisspaísca Corrida, Flamenco and Basso Double
  7. In the Footsteps of the Greek Zorba – Journey around the Greek islands and learn Sirtaki
  8. Polish-Polish or Czech ?!

In the first episode of “Carnival Salsa Science”, Rafał Maserak will take viewers on a virtual trip to Cuba. Thanks to the multimedia animation, we will learn more about the customs and culture of this country, and we will also hear how and when the hot salsa was created.

In the next educational part of the workshop, in addition to basic postures and steps, viewers will learn exercises that improve motor skills, body coordination, musical sensitivity, and rhythms. You will be able to fully practice choreography again anytime with a group of friends and family without leaving your home.

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The scenario of each episode is tailored to the skills and abilities of audiences of all ages and primarily aims to encourage joint physical activity, fun, and integration between all generations.

The first episodes of dance lessons can actually be seen on the site www.maserak.pl.
We warmly invite all interested parties to dance.

Support from the COVID-19 Fighting Fund The project has received financial support from funds for entities carrying out cultural activities in the field of theater, music or dance.