Donald Trump’s Secretary of State said he has complete faith in the US Constitution and expects that “the transition process will succeed”, apparently conceding that Joe Biden will be in the White House in January.

Mike Pompeo, in Paris at the start of the 10-day tour, which includes seven countries, told the French newspaper Le Figaro America’s allies should not be alarmed.

“I am completely confident that the coming days and weeks will show the extent of our commitment to the constitutional framework for these elections,” he said.

The transition will work and honor our internal and external commitments. “

Pompeo sparked widespread outrage last week when asked about the move.

He replied that he was confident that there would be a “smooth transition to the Trump administration again.”

Next week, Pompeo will speak to senior officials in France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

World leaders – among them the rulers of France, Israel and Saudi Arabia – have congratulated Biden, the elected president.

Nevertheless, Mr Trump remains defiant to allegations that the election was stolen from him, allegations without evidence, and hopes beyond all realistic hope that the courts can nullify Biden’s victory.

Pompeo, with one eye on running for the White House himself in 2024, had previously refused to accept Trump’s loss.

“Our opponents must know that we are ready and continue to work and will work all the way until January,” he said.

“And then on January 20, we will have a transition, whether it’s to the Trump administration – the second Trump administration as I spoke today – or to an administration led by former Vice President Biden.”