BBC One Got off during an episode of panorama Monday evening, with the broadcaster quoting “major technical issues.”

When viewers continued watching the program, they saw a message on the screen that read: “We apologize for interruption in this program, and we are trying to correct the error.”

“We are working hard to bring our programs back on the air,” the continuity anchor told viewers.

a BBC “Unfortunately, major technical problems delayed the start of Panorama this evening. BBC One’s schedule is five minutes late – we apologize to the viewers for the interruption,” the spokesman later said.

In response to the hiatus that lasted about 10 minutes, Scott Brian, a TV critic and podcast co-host, took to the BBC 5 LiveHe tweeted: “An episode of Panorama never started.

“Ten minutes later, no show has aired. It’s a disaster for those who did.” he added.

Other social media users were also quick to share their reactions to the technical difficulties, with Jenny Gao, another BBC journalist, sharing a picture of the error message on Twitter.

In an accompanying message, she wrote: “This takes me back in time… Old School Fitting Submission Error BBCOne – As a former continuity broadcaster, this is where you made your money.

“Fill aimlessly while the technicians were messing around. My longest time was 20 minutes to talk about the schedule for the week!” She added.

Elsewhere, Susanna Reed, Good morning Britain Host, jokingly tweeted: “2020 claimed BBC One.”

At the end of the program, the presenter said, “Well, accept our apologies for the problems we faced with you tonight in Panorama on BBC One.”

EastEnders started at 8.15 pm, ten minutes later than scheduled.

Additional coverage by the Press Association