The famous French philosopher Michel Foucault sexually assaulted young boys while living in Tunisia, according to his friend Guy Sorman.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Sorman revealed the horrific accusations of pedophilia crimes by the philosopher who pioneered most recent trends in the social sciences.

He explained that in 1969 Foucault visited Tunisia With a group of friends, specifically in the village of Sidi Bou Said, where the philosopher lived at that time.

Young children ran after Foucault, saying “Take me, take me.” They were eight, nine, ten. He would throw money at them and say, “Let’s meet in the old place.” There he made love on tombstones with little boys. The issue of consent has not been raised. ”

These are the words Sorman used to describe what happened. Sorman also said that it was clear that Foucault could not have committed such atrocities in France if he had dared.

There is a colonial moment to all of this. White imperialism

– He said, adding that he now “feels sorry” for not reporting this to the police.

The French intellectual even claims that the French media knew what Foucault was doing but ignored it. why? Well, because the philosopher, Sorman, had “the status of God” in his country of origin.

Sorman’s interview with the Sunday Times came after an article he had written in the French American language.

In the text, Sorman describes how the intelligentsia in France has always ignored the law prohibiting sexual relations with people under the age of 15. He adds that the reason for this was that this elite believed, and even Voltaire spoke about it, that there should be two moral – legal systems – one for them and the other for “ordinary people”. The author continues, Foucault himself did not think otherwise.

He believed that any law or standard was a form of persecution on the part of the government and the bourgeoisie. In the name of absolute freedom, which he used for himself above all, he paid young boys in Tunisia on the pretext that they too deserve fun. Foucault did not care what happened to his victims, or perhaps he chose to ignore the fact that they were victims of old white imperialism.Sorman wrote then, and now in an interview with The Times, clearly describing what this “absolute freedom” looks like.

It was already known that Foucault was in favor of pedophilia. So, in 1977, he signed with Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Derrida a petition to the French Parliament requesting the legalization of sexual relations with people under the age of 15 (which is the legal limit in France). Now, however, for the first time, it became loudly clear that he actively practiced these babies with children from colonial countries.

In his books, the French philosopher deals with the themes of power, political discourse, sexuality, and “emancipation”. Many of his theses lie at the heart of gender theory, identity politics, and the ideology that has awakened.

At the time of writing, there has been no noticeable reaction to Suman’s comments. However, if it turns out to be correct, it will be interesting to see how the left-liberal establishment, which it identified in its theses, reacts to the perversions of its idol.